Meet the Team


Our people are our most valuable asset, combining their unique qualities and talents increase the value of our team. They are responsive professionals that are proud of what they accomplish. Which has resulted in enhanced accountability, quality and productivity.




Keith oversees the delivery of our projects including safety, quality, and field staffing. He bridges the gap from field to the office to ensure all projects are completed on time and in satisfactory order. He manages in the field and in pulse of every project we are on. He has been in the construction industry for over 30 years bringing a wealth of field experience which includes but not limited to overseeing construction division along with project management, scheduling, and supervision.  Keith is excellent in his communication with clients, corporate real estate owners and city government agencies. Keith’s extended experience; Commitment and Dedication are what keeps Bentley & Company Inc. Successful and Striving.

Chief Financial Officer

With over 35 years’ management and accounting experience in Managing, Delegation, Supervision, Developing, Document Preparation, Tracking Budget Expenses, Overseeing the preparation of financial reporting.

Pam is efficient by planning and implementing the CFO operations and procedures;  controlling correspondence; designing systems; assigning and monitoring financial functions and analyzing special reports; summarizing information; monitoring expenses;  establishing standards and procedures and making necessary adjustments as needed.  Pam’s personality and communication skills make her a valuable asset to Bentley & Company Inc. 


Stuart Ann has been with the company  for many years her administrative and clerical procedures with maintaining systems records, correspondence and distributing incoming mail and other materials Stuart Ann’s great attention to detail and outgoing personality is an asset to Bentley & Company Inc.